Friday, September 12, 2008

13 Reasons to Continue to Homeschool

In the name of God, the Most beneficent , the Most merciful.

We all have our reasons to start homeschooling and continue to do so. Here are some of the benefits we see, by the grace of God:

#1. More flexibility to study what Chusy is interested in , for however long, at whatever time.

#2. One-on-one tutoring, nothing can compare this to any schoolroom.

#3. A Customized education. Being able to take our teaching styles, his learning style as well as his interest and talent, strengths and weaknesses. Focusing on what is more important for us.

#4. Less Peer Pressure. Being saved from the largely negative effects of being in a group of 'cool' (immature) kids who are influenced by popular culture and fads. Thus more peace of mind for us.

#5. More Opportunities for Character Building and Moral Education as part of the all round development taking place along with academics.

#6. No 'Homework' related Anxiety that is very much a part of a school going child's daily life. All work is school work or homework AND fun.

#7. More Spontaneity in Studying all that interests us. A little question about thunder can trigger a whole discussion about the water cycle and the speed of sound as compared to that of light. :)

#8. More Control Over outside Influences thus protecting the innocence of our child, preparing him as and when we deem him ready to know about concerns and issues in a non threatening environment according to our beliefs.

#9. Curriculum encompasses our faith and beliefs as well as family values. We can build all our lessons and topics, especially Science and Geography around our faith. How it all goes back to the Creator and His will and how perfect it is. He can ask as many questions about God, death reward and punishment and they will be answered.

#10. No Superficial Grades to test the 'intelligence' of the child. I, the teacher know how much he understands and what he needs to work more on. He can take his time and he wouldn't fail.

#11. Precious Hours are saved each day which would be spent traveling to and back from school.

#12. Costs are minimal as compared to sending him to school. Here we buy what we need and not useless books prescribed by the school every year and half of all of which go unused. We can purchase packages of the curricula we like for 2 or 3 grades which also saves cost. No transportation fee either.

And, last but definitely not the least,

#13. Watching your child learn something new is the best experience a parent can have.

I'm sure there are many more reasons why people choose to home educate. Please do tell me yours..:)

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