Friday, September 19, 2008

Stories from the Quran and Related Books

In the name of God, the Most beneficent, the Most merciful

We have been reading The Greatest Stories from the Qur'an by Saniyasnain Khan, Goodword Kids. The fist story is about Creation. He likes to hear that Allah said 'Be' and everything came into existence. Allah can do everything. He tries to imagine how powerful and great Allah must be.

He loves the story of The Garden in Paradise and how Satan tempted and deceived Adam and Hawwa (Peace be Upon Them Both). I try to tell him what Satan must have whispered and how they got deceived. Something like 'There must be something special about the tree, which is why Allah doesn't want you to go near it. Try the fruit. A little wont hurt.'

Its particularly interesting to him to learn that Satan says things to everyone and tempts them into doing wrong and we think we're thinking these things but actually Satan is sitting on our heads whispering in our ears to misbehave or try something that our parents have told us not to or Allah doesn't like us to do. He can relate to Adam (Peace Be Upon Him) and Hawwa (Peace Be Upon Her)at some level, I think.:).

He also liked the story of Nuh's Ark (Peace Be Upon Him)and thought it was funny that people used to ask stones and idols for things and prayed to them and worshiped them.

We are also reading Studies in Islam for Grade One by Abdul Aziz, Kazi publications . We just finished the first lesson on Tauheed. He has already memorized more than half of the Surahs in the grade one book, Masha Allah. I am thinking of making a chart or table of the Surahs memorized , the subject of the Surah and study it in detail and then he can draw a picture related to each Surah memorized and studied in his Surah sketchbook.

Another book we have just started is I am a Muslim for Kindergarten by Susan Douglass for Social Studies. We read the story Allah is the Greatest about Prophet Ibrahim(Abraham)(Peace Be Upon Him). We also read the story of The boy and the dates about truthfulness. He liked the story a lot. We have not studied this book in sequence because i think this book is a bit advanced. Some of the lessons and stories would be better understood by a child who is about 2 years older but the stories and activities are still interesting , so he enjoys them. The whole whole series of these books- for Kindergarten till Grade Six is really fantastic, good to read and easy to understand and has a lot of fun activities that can go along with it to enhance History and Geography.

We are thinking of adding to these books, Insha Allah. We mailed GoodwordBooks for suggestions for a five year old and they promptly responded, Masha Allah.

We will Insha Allah buy

My First Quran Storybook

My Quran Friends Story Book which is part of a set of two books in the My Quran Friends Gift Box

The other book in the set is

Goodword Book of Quran People for Kids

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