Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Story Book of Science

Assalamu alaykum ( May Peace be Upon You)

I promised that I would write about the living books and I'll start with the first we started using.
A Story Book of Science by Jean Henri Fabre in French and translated to English by Florence Constable Bicknell, is a wonderful, true living book about nature and science from a perspective of a believer. My son LOVES it and so have I loved reading it to him. It is a book that all ages will enjoy.
It is perfect for read-alouds.

We spend about 30 minutes a day. This has 3 phases.
1-I read aloud a chapter while explaining the difficult phrases or new vocabulary.
2-We read that chapter that we did the previous day together, taking turns paragraph by paragraph.
3-I read the next chapter aloud.
I find it time well-spent since he learns a lot from this. We do this 3 days a week along with RealScience 4 Kids on the other 4 days.

It is a very mature yet storylike compilation of science stories that honor the Creator while teaching about His creation. The topics include and are not limited to Insects, Animals, Plants, Metals, Printing, Clouds, Sound, Atmosphere, Sun, Locomotive, Fruit, Pollen, Shells, Peals, Corals, Wax, Volcanoes and Earthquakes. We are on the 6th chapter. The chapters from 1 through 7 are about Ants and Plant Lice.

All stories feature Uncle Paul who with rare literary charm tells these stories in conversations with three children. The books cover mentions it as Suitable for ages 9 and up but as with most good living books, the younger children can pick up a lot from listening to it read aloud. It has 438 pages and 80 chapters.

This book got my son interested in the real story of Jean Henri Fabre when he leanrt that the three children in the story were his own and we went here to learn more about him.

I also found these notebooking pages shared by a kind homeschooler but I am yet to use them. But they are so simple and easy to use, I am thinking of adding them soon.

Jean Henri Fabre has another book with Uncle paul and the children titles The Wonderbook of Chemistry. We are yet to use it though since it is considered a sequel to this one..

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