Friday, May 18, 2012

Totally New Way Of School For Me

We started school in a different way last month. DS had a burnout phase and had refused to do any kind of workbook. We had been following a curriculum for Math and had added the workbooks for Treasures from McGraw Hill in October. Some of the excercises in these three workbooks are extremely easy and 'boring' especially the ones in the Spelling Book. The ones in the Grammar book are mixed, some he enjoys and some he doesn't. Most of the ones in the Practice book is what he totally dreads. Anyhow, last month he said he wanted NO ENGLISH.

I left hm alone and did not ask him to do any work for a month and just read a few classics to him. He LOVED this! Alhamdulillah.
We started with
Pinnochio, The Phantom Tollbooth, Mrs. frisby and the Rats of NIMH. One chapter from one book and another from the other the next night before bedtime. He would beg me to contnue but I wouldn't :). I found out later that he had been reading these and had finished the first already and was rereading on his own masha Allah
He had moved ahead on the second book soon, too.

We remade our schedule - DS and I- and added more Science since that's where his passion lies.
We have a new Science curriculum- Real Science 4 Kids by Gravitas and it is really nice. It warrants a separate post so that's where I plan to write about it.

Another addition has been loads of Living books Charlotte Mason Style complete with narration. These make me wonder why I didn't add them sooner. I'll write about these in a separate post Insah Allah along with how it is working for us.

We have also included the Perfecting the Pillars series from Ad-Duha and this has been wondeful! :) We have learnt so much Alhamdulillah. We decided we wanted to do lapbooks on the topics we covered so i made a few minibooks on tawheed, Shirk, Salaah, Pillars of Islam,Imaan and Ihsan taking help from Talibiddeen Junior and printed them out. Alhamdulillah DS enjoyed this activity and gave wonderful suggestions, masha Allah.
 I'll add the link to these minibooks here incase someone wants to make on similar topics.

All in all these changes resulted in something that was a pleasant surprise, masha Allah. DS decided that he needed Math since he wanted to be an astronomer and added Math to his schedule 6 days a week on his own. Masha Allah la quwwata illah Billah.

Then we started watching Arabian Sindbad on Youtube. They have some of the clips from their program available there. The kids loved these and learnt so much from it. We have decided to get their deluxe package InshaAllah.
Last but not the least, after hearing and reading so much about life of Fred series by polka Dot, we decided to go ahead and but the complete Elementary set and Middle School set. We havent received them as yet. Let's see how Ds take to this. .

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