Friday, June 28, 2013


Assalamu alaykum( May peace be upon you) 

It's that time again . . . getting ready for Ramadhan!!!

Here's a BIG list of FREE resources for Ramadan.

Loads of Ramadan activities, ideas, planners, and printables at TJ Ramadan.

Imaan's Homeschool has really nice Ramadhan Notebooking Pages.

DOWNLOAD Complimentary copy of your Ramadan Planner here.

Free Ramadan Kit  " with exciting and colorful worksheets, charts, posters, coloring pages, and more- everything you need to help your child have a fun and focused Ramadan!" at Mini Mu'min.

Beautiful activity for the first five days of Ramadan at Umm Adam's Blog.

Diaryofamuslimhomeschool has a Welcome Ramadan pre-school colouring book and"Welcome Ramadan" colouring work book!, ideas for two Ramadan Good Deeds Trees, Ramadan Banner, Ramadan Decorations and many more Ramadan crafts here and a New Ramadaan Activity Book to be released soon!

Really Yummy Moon Phase Cookies and other activities at Jannah Steps. 

Ramadan Activities at Umm Maimoonah's Journal.

Great Ideas for Ramadan for younger kids at Tarbiyyah Homeschool.

Ramadan Planner Family has quite a few crafts.

Really neat Ramadan Bulletin Board and other stuff at Hand-made Beginnings.

Recipes, Lapbooks and more at Umm Abdul Basir's Corner and some more here.

Umamah Learning Academy has a Ramadan Reading Challenge and more.

There's a wonderful lecture on Excellent Reminders of Ramadhaan.

Check out the Ramadhaan Bulletin Boards and Ramadhaan Planner.

A Muslim Child is Born Blog even has Ramadhaan Activities for Babies and Toddlers.

Ramadan Banner here free for download.

Ramadhan Planner’s Weekly Selections {May 26 -June 1, 2013}

Ramadhan Flylady week #1the beginning of the Flylady Ramadhan series, printable Ramadhan Flylady calendar, the declutter project for the week, reading material, 4 audio files

Ramadhan Planner’s Weekly Selections {Jun 2-8, 2013}

 Ramadhan Flylady week #2, the de-clutter assignment, weekly reading and Ramadhan audio lessons, plus a Q&A on  social benefit of fasting.

Ramadhan Planner’s Weekly Selections {Jun 9-15, 2013}

Ramadhan FlyLady  week #3, crafty Ramadhan links, cleaning bath and hall, a lemony health tip, weekly audio lessons, and some reading.

Please leave a comment if you find any of the links particularly useful. Additionally, you could give recommendations or your other faves not mentioned here.

“ May Allah - the Most High grant us the ability to do that which allow us to capture the fruits of this month and make us amongst those who enter His Paradise through the gate of Ar-Rayaan.”

Have a blessed Ramadan!

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