Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ultimate list of living math book lists

Assalamu alaykum( May peace be upon you) 

I started out making a list of my own but since I'd already posted about the books we own and since there were already too many lists, I just brought them all together here.

Educational Resource Center, Bridgewater State College has a big list of Children’s Books in Mathematics sorted by fiction and non-fiction, by age, and math subject. 
Short list of Math Readers recommended by Maria Miller, the maker of Math Mammoth curriculum.

List of Popular Living Math Books from Good Reads.

List of Living Math Books and Mathematical Classics from Penny Gardner's site.

List of Best Books on Math for Kids from Best Children's Books by topics.

Books with teaching ideas to integrate children’s literature and elementary math at 

Beth’s Bookshelf.

A comprehensive list of living math Literature / Readers categorized by Math concepts and levels at  Living Math.

Ohio Literacy Resource Center, Kent State University list of  Math in Children's Literature sorted by 

Math concepts.

Young Math book series full list with 4 books available for download.

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