Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Learning to Skate

In the name of God, the most beneficent, the Most merciful

Chusy was reading his book- Wheels by Annie Cobb. Suddenly, he started asking for skates. It was 1130 pm and we didn't know how he had got this idea. He showed us the picture of the skates in the book and said he wanted to try. He asked his dad to get him a pair. I told him he already had them and I would take them out the next day. He didn't want to wait. So we took out the skates his Ammi and Abbu ( my mom and dad) had got him the year before. He tried them on. They fit him well. We weren't sure how to start. I told him to hold the arm of the chair and just practice standing. Then, we helped him move around the house. After about an hour an a half, we were exhausted. Not he. He wanted to continue. After much explaining that he needed sleep to be able to skate the next day and promising that he could do it tomorrow, we finally went to bed. We had to get up for suhoor. After that we went to bed again.
He got up early and put on his skates before washing his face, lol. I told him he had to have his breakfat before he could start.
Well, it didnt take too much time to finish his breakfat, lol. He was in them again. This time he ddidnt want to stop. he started balancing and moving around the house and kept at it the whole day minus lunch and snack breaks. His dad saw him skating when he came home from work. Masha Allah, how fast kids learn!

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